Statement: Sewn Paintings

The sewn paintings in Letting Go explore my resolution with domestic life and the dark underbelly of suburban America through sagging forms and dripping shapes. The work marks the culmination of my inquiry into the various facades found in picture-perfect neighborhoods to make way for works that engage with more social issues that arise with the development of the suburbs. Stained scraps of old clothes and used linens reveal traces of lives lived in the home, and with the sewn line, combine in what is possibly the most formal work I have made. These colorful abstractions are the final shedding of a skin, where my conceptual inquiry and emotional confusion about the home graciously, and subtly, gives way to resolution and clarity.        

Making this work is like saying goodbye to an ailing grandmother. I sew tediously, without thinking, to escape the vacancy that will soon be left in her wake. The vibrant colors recall her livelihood as I watch her fade away. There’s still a spark in her eyes– she can still crack a dirty joke, and yet, her body is frail. Her skin hangs and sags. Her eyes droop. Her dark hair turns gray. There are strange smells when there were not any before. Her voice quiets. Soon all that will be left is a physical body without a soul, and I am taking in her last breaths before she’s gone…peacefully.